INJURY Consultation

A great benefit of the partnership between Catz and LA Premier FC is the access to the physical therapy clinic.  Catz Physical Therapy is working to help LA Premier FC players return to competition in a safe and timely manner.  If your child sustains an injury at practice or in a game, take the following steps to be seen by a Catz physical therapist:


            1)         Call 626-356-0599

            2)         Mention that your child plays for LAPFC, and ask to schedule a consultation


Our staff will schedule a time for you to bring in your child.  During the consultation a physical therapist will recommend one of the following courses of action to regain a healthy status (the list starts from a less serious injury, and works towards more serious):


            1)         The injury is a minor sprain/strain

  -It will probably be ok with ice and rest for a few days

            2)         The injury is slightly more serious and may require formal physical therapy 

-It will require a doctor’s prescription in order to go through insurance (please      see below).  This can be from any MD (internist, pediatrician, etc.)     

            3)         The injury is more serious and a fracture or tear needs to be ruled out

-The player should be taken to an orthopedist or urgent care facility for further  tests (x-ray, MRI, etc.)


Finally, there are a couple of things you may not know about when it comes to physical therapy:


            1)         If your child’s injury requires a doctor’s prescription and further physical therapy,

                        your insurance may be able to help with the cost (ask Catz staff if we take your


            2)         You can use a prescription for physical therapy at ANY clinic


The Catz physical therapy staff takes a hands-on, back to sport approach.  They know exactly what the LA Premier FC teams do at training both at the Rose Bowl and at the Catz facility, which allows them to prescribe treatment in a very specific manner.     



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